Unlike many other companies we offer a simple and affordable pricing structure for all our Computer Services, this is for your peace of mind. Unless stated our on-site service is £40 per hour or part there of. Our remote service is £25 per hour or part there of. Parts are not included.  We want you to know what our service will cost before you commit. If we cannot fix it there is no fee. We don’t have any hidden extras!

pcLaptop / Desktop Repair – In most cases we can bring your Desktop or Laptop computer back to life, repairs will be undertaken quickly and economically. We want you to be able to experience trouble free computing.  However, sometimes you will encounter computer glitches –  from viruses –  blue screens , cracked screens –  liquid spills –  no displays – as well as hard drive failures, unfortunately these  are extremely common.  Mobile PC Medic is able to offer tailor made services to best suit our customer’s needs, whether it be for Home/Office, individuals or small/large businesses. Every computer needs regular maintenance in order to keep it running at its very best. A ‘Medic Lifeline’ can be the perfect solution you are looking for.  From just £130 including licensed Security Software, this will undoubtedly give you peace of mind. Over time, unused files tend to build up on your hard drive, as well as adding and removing software – resulting in them leaving behind a messy hard drive. Dust is another major contributor to laptops/PC’s breaking down –  as a result in clogging up the fans, ultimately overheating the CPU (the main brain of the PC) – then finally burns out. All these factors greatly reduce the efficiency of your computer – meaning you do not get the performance you should expect!

pcMedic Check Health Service – Annual Medic Lifeline from £130 per year, Anti Virus and Internet Software Security will be licensed and provided by Mobile PC Medic Ltd. Undoubtedly, providing you with peace of mind. Windows Updates (Providing COA Approval) Complete Health Check on your Laptop/Pc, Removing unwanted Data and programs, Unlimited Email Support, Discount on other Services.

pcVirus / Spy / Ad-ware / Malware Removal – Not able to connect to the Internet?  Constantly plagued by security pop-ups?  We will quickly and effectively remove any unwanted items. Spyware is a general computer term used for software that performs certain behaviours, such as advertising, collecting personal information, or changing the configuration of your computer, generally without appropriately obtaining your consent.  Without you knowing it, you might have spyware or other unwanted software on your computer. Viruses, worms, and Trojans are malicious programs that can cause unnecessary damage to your information stored on your computer. They can also slow down the Internet, and they might even use your computer to spread themselves to your friends, family, co-workers, and the rest of the Web. However, the good news is, that with an ounce of prevention and some good common sense, you are less likely to fall victim to these threats. Think of it as locking your front door to protect your entire family. Mobile PC Medic will remove all Viruses and Spyware, and will advise you as to what Security program is best suited for your own specific needs.

pcBroadband & Internet Problems – Not able to connect to the Internet or your wireless network?  We have the expertise to solve your problem and provide you with information to stop it happening again. With so many different Internet providers on the market, who do you select?  Which one is the best?  Most of all, who supplies UK based Call centres?  Mobile PC Medic will recommend which ISP is suitable for your area. We will personally set everything up for you, and rest assured you will be up and running in next to no time at all.

pcWebsite Design & Hosting – Small business in need of a website?  We can design a bespoke site for you, host it and provide a content management system so you can update your site as and when you need it.  All this and more at a cost that won’t break the bank!

pcWireless and Wired Router setup – Broadband and Internet installations, we will take the pain out of setting up your wireless or wired router and get you started surfing the net. More and more devices need to access the Internet either at home or away. Wireless networks are the answer to not having wires. Wireless networks enables the user to have more than one device connected to the network  A problem with  routers with out-of-the box easy step by step guides, these are not always setup correctly , enabling people to potentially be able to access  your files on your computers. Mobile Pc Medic will ensure that your wireless network is setup securely.

pcRemote Services – Having a problem with your Pc, Printer, Spyware, Virus, or simply just need some guidance. Rest assured Mobile PC Medic is on hand at your desk. Just simply call us.  With only a few clicks we will be able to sort out your problems in no time at all.

pcHardware & Software Installations – Upgrades, new peripheral equipment, we make it easy to upgrade and add additional hardware. Mobile Pc Medic can offer professional I.T. survey, design, installation, training and consultancy for small to medium size enterprises where an in-house IT Department is not a viable option.

Our aim is to improve IT networks, security and process at a realistic price – whilst providing suitable flexibility, capability and reliability for our clients needs. To achieve this we offer a range of services from business consultancy, infrastructure assessment and solution design, through to installation, troubleshooting and training.

We offer a unique combination of technical and business experience that allows us to deliver just the solutionst our clients need–whilst offering professionals with years of proven enterprise class experience across many technology and business areas.  If you need anything for your business related to networks, including wireless and security, Mobile Pc Medic can help you. From basic consultancy services – through to complete solution delivery, you can be assured of a high quality result at all times.

pcDisaster / Data Recovery – We can get you back into Windows and restore lost data!  We’ll also advise you on how to protect against future failures.  You need to backup your important information, we can advise on the best ways to do this.

pcTraining / Tuition & Support – We can help you get more from you PC, email, sharing photos & video, social networking etc…  We can offer tuition in non-techno, plain English.

pcData Destruction – If you’re planning on selling your old computer we can format the hard drive to make sure no one sees the content.  When we use our specialist software to delete files or folders, all traces of the item are permanently removed.

pcCloud Automatic Backup – Ask yourself this question : “Do I really need to Back-up my data?”

When was the last time you did a back-up?

Is the back-up drive next to the PC, in a drawer, or somewhere else!

In today’s lifestyle there are not enough hours in the day.

From 14p per day, all of your data can be backed up from all of your computers.

Don’t Delay, Back-up today…